Frame Sizes

It’s all about the fit

If you already own a pair of eyeglasses that fit you well, you can find your frame size simply by looking on the inside of your eyeglass temples (arm pieces or ear pieces) or on the back of the bridge (piece that goes over your nose). There, you can quickly identify your exact frame measurements, as well as the color, model number and product brand or designer. See the pictures and guide below to help you determine the frame size of your glasses. If you do not own a pair of eyeglasses, or if your current pair does not fit you well, we recommend you visit Dr. Ross at the AFEC offices to receive a measurement.

Frame size includes:

Eye size

(Approximately 40 – 62 mil)

This is a horizontal measurement from the outermost edges of the lenses.

Follow this chart for a general rule of thumb on eye size.
  • 39 – 46 mil for toddlers and children
  • 46 – 51 mil for average or medium size adults
  • 52 – 56 mil for larger adults with larger face shapes
  • 58 mil for larger adults with larger face shapes, or for oversized styles of frames

(Approximately 14 – 24 mil)

Bridge size

This is the distance between lenses.

(Approximately 120 – 150 mil)

Temple length

This is the length of the temple piece, which is also referred to as the arm piece or ear piece.

For example, your eyeglasses may read 49 17-140. This means an eye size of 49, bridge size of 17 and temple length of 140.

In some cases, your eyeglasses may show a “B” measurement if you have bifocals or progressive lenses. This tells you how deep the lenses are.