Contacts Just Became More Comfortable


Dailies Total 1 Contacts were recently released in the United States. Doctor Ross was invited by the Manufacturer to be part of the North America launch party in Dallas, TX. This allowed us to be one of only a few offices in Oklahoma that had access to this new technology. We have known for quite some time Daily disposable contacts are the most comfortable and healthiest contact lenses available. This new version of the Daily lenses has made this even more apparent. Dailies Total 1 provides our patients not only extreme comfort but even clearer vision than other lenses provide. The majority of our patients who have had the privilege of trying the lens have reported not even being able to feel the lens in their eye at all. In fact national studies show patients prefer this lens 13:1 over their previous brand of contact. We are confident that this lens breakthrough will be the platform of all lenses to come due to it’s many benefits. These benefits include exceptional breathability for whiter healthier eyes, superior optics with light stream technology, and great comfort due to the variable water content reaching near 100% on the lens surface. If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for this new development just call our office and schedule an appointment.

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